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The aim of the Telereal is to simplify and responsibly optimize everyday life in terms of digitalisation for all.

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Digital Signage Product Introduction: TELANA



TELANA is our new digital signage solution that enables an "offline" shopping experience with optimized customer care for as many individuals as possible.





Barriers denote obstacles that are not just structural. Telereal tries to minimize these and considers those desired factors when designing your projects.

An elementary point for a self-determined life is mobility, which is made available through the integration of digitality in public space, in particular the public transport network, in order to reduce barriers.

The aim is to "eliminate or prevent discrimination against people with disabilities, thereby ensuring the equal participation of people with disabilities in the life of society and enabling them to lead a self-determined lifestyle" (BGStG, 2005: S. 1).

Offering information in the "two-senses principle" (optical-acoustic, tactile-acoustic, etc.) and in the "design for all" are means to reduce barriers, because according to the micro census survey of Statistics Austria in 2008 about 20.5% of the resident population in private households a permanent impairment. This is an estimated 1.7 million people.

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Dynamic real-time data connection, VoIP, digital signage or customer flow management systems are targeted measures to implement digitization responsibly.

Product Solutions

Customer/Passenger flow systems

To illustrate customer and visitor routes effectively


Information systems

To inform customer and passenger professionally


Digital Signage | Presentation systems or advertising systems

Using digitization to broaden horizons