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Optimization Value

The signing of a rental contract only takes place if there is no health risk. For this reason, there is the possibility of establishing an optimization value from the point of view of the City of Vienna in the context of a private law contract. This value is defined as a guideline.


In the case of mobile radio systems on urban objects, the operator must prove mathematically before agreeing to install a mobile radio system that the planned power density, including the existing RF services, will not exceed the optimization value.

Implementing provisions for the approval of the construction of mobile systems on properties of the City of Vienna

The intention of the City of Vienna and thus Telereal, as one of the city's subsidiaries, is to support and accompany the introduction of 5G as best as possible in order to support the opportunities and possibilities associated with it, especially for the citizens, however also to offer to the local economy and industry.

The desired goal for 5G transmission systems is the optimization value of 300 mW/m² total position at the main immission point (this is the point at which the greatest immission can be expected with simultaneous regular, longer stay of people and is usually in the building) to fall below. A technically feasible and economically justifiable minimization is required regardless of this. This means that the operation of newly built or the addition of 5G transmitters to the current mobile radio systems at the immission location does not exceed the total exposure of 10.63 V / m (300 mW/m²) to the considered immissions. Total exposure means the interaction of the HF services at the main immission point. These are in particular: all mobile radio frequencies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G etc.), radio and television frequencies, WLAN, public authorities radio - blue light organizations.

All emissions from other mobile network operators must also be taken into account. The optimization value of 300 mW/m² applies to all immissions at the immission point. When submitting a possible new location, the respective operator is obliged to guarantee the documents (including the current configurations of all relevant sources) and the requirements of the city of Vienna.

The average background level is based on practical measurement results by TÜV Austria about the urban area of ​​Vienna. Basically, a value of 5 mW/m² is assumed for this background level and deducted from the optimization value (300 mW/m²). If measurements of the background level on site result in higher or lower power flux densities, these are to be used.