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Mobile Commission

The Mobile Commission consists of neutral members of the departments of the city of Vienna, who are not location hirer:

  • Municipal Department - Management of Buildings and Technology - City Planning Directorate
  • Municipal Department 19 - Architecture and Urban Design
  • Municipal Department 34 - Building and Facility Management - Technical Department
  • Independent Vienna Environmental Prosecutor.

In order to take account of the precautionary idea, the following procedure was established by the Mobile Communications Commission of the City of Vienna:

The construction of mobile systems is permitted only on those urban buildings and properties in which the requirements of the City of Vienna are complied with. The installation of a mobile system, taking into account a required for a future-oriented city mobile phone coverage is useful and appropriate. The decision-making criteria of the commission or of the commissioned experts are primarily oriented so that the lowest possible immission (optimization value for GSM / UMTS / LTE: 100 mW / m2 total exposure at the main emission point in the building) is created and causes the least possible impairment of the cityscape.